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Solar Engines (Photovoltaic Modules)


A solar cell (also called photovoltaic cell) is a solid state device that converts the energy of sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Assemblies of cells are used to make solar modules, also known as solar panels. The energy generated from these solar modules, referred to as solar power, is an example of solar energy. The advanced cell processing technology and automated production facilities produce a highly efficient multi crystalline photovoltaic module. The conversion efficiency of the solar cells reaches up to 15%.

These cells are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover and an EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) potent with back sheet to provide maximum protection from the severest environmental conditions. The laminated parts are installed in an anodized aluminum frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation equipped with plug in connectors. Photovoltaics is the field of technology and research related to the practical application of photovoltaic cells in producing electricity from light, though it is often used specifically to refer to the generation of electricity from sunlight.



Grid Connected Systems:

  • Residential Solar Power Systems
  • Industrial Solar Power Systems
  • Solar Instant Power Systems

Stand Alone Solar Power Systems:

  • Solar Street Lighting Systems
  • Solar Aviation & Helipad Lighting Systems
  • Solar Remote Systems
  • Solar Farm House Systems
  • Solar Telecom Systems
  • Solar for Hospitals
  • Solar Emergency Power Backup Systems
  • Solar Water Pumping Systems

Solar Performance Warranty

2 years limited warranty on material and workmanship
25 years limited warranty on power output.

Our Climate Change Partners ::

Models Available
35 W 46 W 100 W 130 W 175 W
185 W 190 W 225 W 250 W  


Models Available
40 W 50 W 80 W 95W 130 W 185 W 195 W
  205 W 215 W 225 W 240 W 250 W  


Models Available
210 W 220 W 240 W 250 W 280 W


Models Available
5 W 10 W 20 W 25 W 35 W 45 W
50 W 80 W 100 W 120 W 130 W 175 W
180 W 190 W 200 W 210 W 220 W 250 W


Models Available
5 W 10 W 20 W 25 W 35 W 40 W
50 W 80 W 90 W 100 W 125 W 130 W
180 W 190 W 200 W 210 W 220 W 250 W


Models Available
5 W 10 W 20 W 25 W 35 W 40 W
50 W 80 W 90 W 100 W 125 W 130 W
135 W 175 W 180 W 190 W 200 W 210 W
  220 W 240 W 250 W    


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