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Who is PTL Solar?

about ptl solar

As a system integrator dedicated to delivering sustainable and environmentally progressive lighting solutions, PTL Solar focuses on transforming how our world utilizes light. With an acute awareness of the energy demand that lighting commands, PTL Solar continually strives to improve the efficiency of lighting technology.

With over 600+ years of combined experience and expertise of the largest renewable energy companies for world-class solar lighting solutions, our engineers understand the importance of reliable lighting. The goal is to offer our customers and end-users an invaluable asset: power, reliability and sustainability..

Commitment to Sustainability

about ptl solar At the core of PTL Solar philosophy is the mission to promote sustainability. Through the proliferation of solar energy technologies, we believe a brighter future can be achieved. It is our economic, environmental, and social responsibility to educate businesses and individuals on the benefits of implementing new lighting technology.

We now see ourselves in a phase of sustainable growth, characterized by a holistic approach, fully integrated into our business model. Everyone loves the great outdoors. From the smallest courtyards and balconies, to rambling streets, adding the right lighting can transform any outdoor space into an inviting oasis.
Liven up entertaining areas with the latest LED and Induction series or create a secret lighting effect that cast enchanting shadows. Live brighter in your outdoor space with the inspirational exterior range from PTL Solar.

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PTL Solar is determined to minimize the environmental impact of its products and do all it can to neutralize the carbon emissions and protect the ecology of its surroundings.

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