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The PTL Solar portfolio consists of energy-saving and energy-creating products and solutions. PTL Solar also strive to be an environmental steward with education as a core component of its environmental stewardship. The embodiment of this is the PTL Solar Academy - a training school to promote effective application of solar technologies, strategies & processes. The Solar Academy is a gateway to Renewable Energy education creating awareness of sustainable and energy efficient systems & applications and focusing on empowering society at large to make eco-conscious decisions.

The Solar Academy, in partnership with North America’s largest training institute, is scheduled to be launched in Jan 2012 with a 5 day course on Solar Technology for industry professionals.

The purpose of the Solar Academy is to provide technical, social and economic education on various renewable energy projects to industries, institutions, govt. bodies, non-govt. organizations, private companies and the public so that they are empowered to make a difference and create a healthier planet.

PTL Solar is a credible & reliable solar system integrator and solar energy solutions company and that is where we can provide the most expertise for the students of the Solar Academy. In collaboration with the world’s best International Renewable Energy companies and our premium clientele base our Solar Academy education will expand to cover climate change, renewable energy, the science of solar, and energy conservation. PTL Solar can also avail our LEEDS accredited personnel and skilled technical team to facilitate practical learning during the training.

PTL Solar has a strong history of energy efficient solar installations and sustainable operations across key solar markets since its inception in 2005. Our strategically located corporate office and technical work station in Dubai with a total space of 12,000 sq ft. will provide unique access to the latest solar technology and equipment.

We are experts in solar, but we believe many forms of renewable energy will make up the world’s energy portfolio.